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They are stuck at the bottom of an seemingly endless tunnel filled with dangerous industrial machinery. Use explosions to blow them up the tunnel and wake their friends to score points. Be careful as the higher you go, the more dangerous it becomes. A perfect game for quick plays whenever you are bored, very addictive and insanely challenging!

• Online leader-boards and achievements
• Fun and challenging physics
• Quick play sessions are perfect for those times you need to pass a few minutes
• Randomly generated endless levels make no two plays the same
• Upgrades and single use powers to give you a better chance of breaking the highscore
• Consistently being updated
• Free

Explosions! (because everyone likes explosions)
Action! (damn I love action)
Dangerous industrial machinery! (wouldn't want the explosions to get boring)
Endless! (how cool is that? you can play forever...)
Cute characters that will ultimately end up dying...

We are always listening to suggestions or feedback so please if you have any comments or noticed any bugs feel free to contact me using the email address below.

Music by Carter - http://helloimcarter.com/

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